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At our core, we are dedicated to creating unforgettable aquatic adventures for every single one of our valued guests. In order to enhance accessibility and foster an inclusive environment, the Vancouver Aquarium has taken significant measures to support neurodiverse guests. Our dedicated staff and volunteers have undergone comprehensive training to effectively assist individuals with diverse neurological backgrounds.

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Award Winning

Inclusive and Accessible

The Vancouver Aquarium was honoured to win the British Columbia (BC) Tourism Industry 2024 award for Inclusive and Accessible Tourism Experience. This award recognizes the top organization in the province who has made the biggest contribution toward creating an inclusive and accessible tourism experience for everyone.

sensory friendly kits sensory friendly kits

Autism & Sensory Sensitivities


Sensory Comfort Kits
The Vancouver Aquarium offers comfort kits with a range of resources to support with sensory sensitivities. Guests can obtain these at our Guest Services Deck in Upper Teck nearby the Globe.

Autism Training
Vancouver Aquarium staff and volunteers have committed to receiving training from Pacific Autism Family Network (PAFN) and Aide Canada on an annual basis. This training is a valuable part of making the Aquarium as welcoming as possible for all guests.

Staff received a training as recently as March 2024 to provide team members with customer service tips and strategies for our neurodivergent guests. This training, "Supporting Neurodivergent Guests" training was with Dr. Shafai who is the Chief Science Officer - AIDE Canada & Pacific Autism Family Network.

Sensory Friendly Hours
The Vancouver Aquarium offers sensory friendly hours monthly. Guests on the autism spectrum and those with sensory sensitivities are invited. Find out more here.

Physical Disabilities

The Vancouver Aquarium offers wheelchairs, noise cancelling headphones, strollers and walkers rentals for guests. Please see the guest services desk for more information.

Service Animals

Accredited Service Dogs
Accredited service dogs are permitted inside the Aquarium with proof of certification, which must be presented to staff at the main entrance. Service dogs are not permitted to enter our free flight Amazon gallery. Service dogs must display a calm, controlled temperament at all times while inside the aquarium. To protect our animal collection, no other personal animals, including emotional support animals, are permitted entry into the Aquarium.


Financial accessibility

Accessibility discounts
Guests with a disability, who purchase a full-price ticket, can invite an attendant to join them for free to help facilitate their visit. We also accept the Access2 card.

Special Passes & Cards
We are currently unable to accept the Vancouver Inspiration Pass.


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