Clownfish Cove

This children’s area is targeted at kids ages eight and younger and features an animal rescue centre, seaside dock with “underwater” tunnels to explore, touch table and reading nook. The fun, interactive, learning experiences of Clownfish Cove encourage a sense of responsibility regarding conservation in both children and caregivers. The goal is to help create caring kids—while they play.

Things To Know


Protect marine life with us

Clownfish Cove fosters children’s connections to the natural world—all through exploration and play. By role-playing the part of a junior animal technician, getting close-up looks at local marine species and learning about the marine mammal rescue work we do, kids will start to understand the wonders of the marine world and why it’s important to help protect it.

Learn with us

When children play, they develop their imagination and creativity, as well as their language, social and problem-solving skills. Clownfish Cove is designed to allow children to explore and build on their understanding of our world.

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