The Marine Mammal Rescue Centre is a hospital for sick, injured, or orphaned marine mammals. Throughout an animal's rehabilitation, a healthy, low-stress environment is essential in order to keep them true to their "wild" nature.

Quarantine & Assessment

Each new arrival is placed under quarantine for a minimum of 14 days. The prevention of disease transmission is imperative to the success of a rescue program.

Upon arrival, each animal is given a thorough physical examination, and behaviour observation. Age is estimated using markers such as tooth size and type of fur. A blood sample is drawn and sent for laboratory analysis. Our veterinary staff use the results of all these assessments to determine a course of treatment. After the initial examination is complete, each individual animal gets a tailored treatment and feeding protocol.

Feeding & Observations

nitial feedings are usually designed to rehydrate new patients before administering feeding regimens tailored to their specific conditions. Seal pup patients are fed a specially designed formula that is high in calories and nutrients. Older animals admitted, are offered high quality fish after their initial rehydration. We carefully monitor the diet of all animals in our care.

Wild animals are adapted to avoid showing signs of weakness and disease, as this could make them more susceptible to predatory attack. Sometimes animals will exhibit very few outward signs of illness until their condition is quite progressed. Staff and volunteers are trained to perform regular daily observations.

Cleaning & Care

Cleaning the animals, facilities and equipment is an important part of the daily duties. Staff and volunteers spend a good portion of their day ensuring that all areas of the centre are spotless.

Each animal receives qualified veterinary care. After the initial assessment, animals start an individual treatment regimen specific to their needs. Throughout their stay at the rescue centre, we closely monitor their conditions, and the veterinary team performs surgeries or other procedures as needed.