Fin-tastic Fall Days

October 1 - 31, 2022

For a limited time, get hands-on in our NEW Spooky Wet Lab and experience up-close encounters with colorful snakes, super cool spiders and more. Embark on an immersive adventure with a new Splash and Bubbles 4-D Experience® and explore among more than 65,000 amazing animals, all surrounded by fun and festive fall decor. Discover new spooky surprises for the whole family during Fin-tastic Fall Days.
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Ready for underwater adventure?

Splash and Bubbles 4-D Experience®

Dunk has lost his lucky pebble and his best friends Splash, Bubbles, and Ripple want YOU to join them in the search. From visiting the beautiful kelp forest to seeing an active underwater volcano, join these Reeftown Rangers as they “catch a current” to explore our one big ocean and meet all kinds of citizens of the sea. Playing October 1 - 31.  

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Splash and Bubbles 4-D Experience® Splash and Bubbles 4-D Experience®
Spooky Lab Spooky Lab

Are you brave enough?

NEW Spooky Wet Lab

There's something lurking beneath the waters of the new Spooky Wet Lab. Are you brave enough to roll up your sleeves? Reach your hands into a covered touch tank and guess what your fingers just brushed! Also, discover a diverse array of marine invertebrates, including crabs, sea anemones, sea stars, sea urchins and sea cucumbers in our uncovered touch tanks. Capacity and hours are limited.

For a limited time!

See Some Spooky Animals [Up Close]

Enjoy up-close animal encounters with some of the aquarium's most mysterious creatures. You might meet a brilliantly colored rainbow boa, a hairy Brazilian tarantula or even a hissing cockroach! Want to learn more about some of our spooky animals? Discover fun and educational programs including bat talks, hagfish feeding and more. 

Fintastic Fall Days Fintastic Fall Days
maze maze

Pint-sized adventure!

Explore The Trick-or-Trout Maze

Try not to get turned around as you find your way out. Perfect for little ones, this pint-sized adventure promises plenty of fall fun!

Do you dare?

Spooky Scavenger Hunt

Embark on a Scavenger Hunt with your family and friends on a journey through the Aquarium’s galleries in search of ghosts that are haunting the aquarium. Return your completed Scavenger Hunt to receive a small prize.

Scavenger Hunt Scavenger Hunt

Tasty Pumpkin Treats & Hearty Fall Favorites

We're serving up pumpkin spice bites and everything nice at Vancouver Aquarium this fall. Grab a seasonal sip like Hot Apple Cider or a Pumpkin Spice Latte, or dig into hearty fall favorites like Seafood Chowder, Sweet Potato Poutine or Fall Mac & Cheese. But hurry, these autumn eats won't stick around for long! 

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