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Wet lab

Find out what we have to discover in the Wet Lab, an interactive learning centre

Please note this exhibit is temporarily closed to encourage social distancing. Please view our COVID-19 special advisory page for more information. 


Explore our wet classroom

Many of our school programs take place in the Wet Lab. Students get their hands wet by investigating a diverse array of live marine animals without spines (invertebrates). This unique hands-on experience helps students get a new appreciation for seashore life by helping them identify local marine animals and the conservation issues affecting them from a perspective that cannot be matched in the average school classroom. On weekends and some week days when students are not using the spae, we open this classroom to the public and give you a chance to explore and learn.

How we help

Education, our key to ocean conservation

Ocean conservation begins with using knowledge to influence attitudes and behaviours. At Ocean Wise we embrace education and youth engagement as the next wave of conservation progress.


Children & youth programs

Immersive programs that foster love for our oceans through fun experiences. We engage over 9,000 children, youth and families in marine science annually through a suite of educational activities.


Curriculum programs

We engage over 20,000 students per year in inquiry-based learning, led by professional educators. Through activities sudents explore how science can play a major role in preserving marine life.


Mobile programs

Mobile programs is the traveling education stream of Ocean Wise. We bring ocean education to schools, youth groups, and communities coast to coast. We engage over 90,000 people annually.

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