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Research Outpost

Visit Research Outpost and see ground-breaking marine mammal research in action. The Aquarium’s interpreters and trainers have come together to offer special marine mammal presentations for Steller sea lions and fur seals.


Research in action

Steller sea lions and Northern fur seals that live at the Vancouver Aquarium participate in research work to help protect their ocean counterparts. For the first time ever, we have opened up the doors to our research centre and are giving guests a look into the ground-breaking marine mammal research taking place behind the scenes.


Sea lion behind-the-scenes encounter

Guided by an Aquarium interpreter, meet up with a sea lion trainer and experience first-hand what it’s like to work with such charismatic animals. It’s a truly amazing experience.


A place of research

For more than 60 years, scientists at the Vancouver Aquarium have been delivering compelling insight into the natural world.


Why are steller sea lions disappearing?

Our scientists are trying to figure out why Steller sea lion populations are declining. There are many possible reasons for this including disease, predation, environmental factors, nutritional stress and more.


Northern fur seals are in trouble too

Our unique Northern fur seal research program involves researchers from around the globe. It has resulted in more than 70 publications and directly contributed to management plans aimed at conserving Northern fur seals in the ocean.


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