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Pacific canada pavilion

The Pacific Canada Pavilion spans two levels and focuses on the fascinating marine life just outside Vancouver’s front door.


Incredible life off our coast

Get an above-surface view of the incredible diversity of the Strait of Georgia exhibit, or go downstairs to come face to face with the halibut, crabs and rockfish that live there.


Go behind the scenes

Participate in interactive sessions alongside Aquarium interpreters, biologists and trainers. You’ll be able to get a behind-the-scenes look at the habitats of some of the animals at the Aquarium where you’ll help our trainers in a feeding or training session.


Drawing Attention to Sculpins

The Immortal Glass Sponge

How we help

Creating a world in which oceans are healthy and flourishing

The Vancouver Aquarium is an Ocean Wise initiatiave. Our mission is to inspire the global community to become Ocean Wise by increasing its understanding, wonder and appreciation for our oceans.


Ocean Wise Seafood

Overfishing is one of the greatest threats our oceans are facing today. The Ocean Wise seafood program helps to ensure that ocean life will be abundant for generations to come.


Plastic Wise

Ocean Wise is tackling the global crisis of plastic waste in our ocean. We’re conducting groundbreaking science to understand the problem and seeking bold solutions to address plastic pollution.



Since 1956, our researchers have been conducting original studies of animals and ecosystems both in the ocean and on site in order to advance our knowledge and enhance environmental conservation.

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The Vancouver Aquarium will be temporarily closed to the public starting Tuesday, March 17, 2020 and all programming will be cancelled as a preventative measure to help stop the spread of COVID-19 through our community.​​​​​ Learn more.