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Helen, the Pacific white-sided dolphin in this exhibit was rescued after she had been entangled and injured by fixed fishing nets. Now she's working to save her wild counterparts from the same fate—by helping researchers understand how dolphins use their sonar (echolocation) to locate objects in the water. This research might one day lead to fishing nets and deterrent devices that will allow dolphins in the wild to avoid them.

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Learn even more about dolpins with our educational & entertaining programs


This special training session is a chance to get an inside look at the busy and varied life of a marine mammal trainer, and the ways they interact with the dolphins.

Dolphin Trainer Talk

Have you ever wanted to be a marine mammal trainer? Maybe you still do? Come and hear directly from the mouths of our marine mammal trainers what it's like.


Dolphin behind-the-scenes encounter

Come face to flipper with a Pacific white-sided dolphin. Join us for a Dolphin Encounter program and get up close and personal with a dolphin in an interactive and hands-on training session.

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Canada's only dedicated marine mammal rescue facility

Our rescue program, an Ocean wise initiative, is also one of the largest rescue facilities in the world - rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing over 150 marine mammals each year.


Animal in distress?

"If you see a marine mammal that you believe is in distress, contact us at 604-258-SEAL (7325)"


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Donate to the Rescue Centre. Your gift will help save the life of a marine mammal in need.



Dedicated volunteers are essential to the success of the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre.

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