Pacific Sea Nettle

(Chrysaora fuscescens)

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Wondrous Jellies
IUCN Conservation Status
Not Evaluated (NE)


Near the surface in fall & winter, deep ocean waters in spring & summer/North American Pacific Coast


Size: 12 to 15 ft. long • Weight: n/a

Welcome to the mesmerizing world of the Pacific Sea Nettle! With their delicate tentacles flowing gracefully, these jellyfish resemble floating umbrellas of the sea. But don't let their elegant appearance fool you – these jellies are a force to be reckoned with!

While these bell-shaped beauties may look like they belong in a fairytale, Pacific Sea Nettles are very real and have some serious sting power! To defend against threats in the wild like sea turtles, Pacific Sea Nettles instantly sting whatever comes into contact with their tentacles. Their venom is not deadly to humans, but it can cause tingling and discomfort similar in intensity to a bee sting. Think of it as a gentle reminder to admire these fascinating creatures from a safe distance. Pacific Sea Nettles can propel themselves through water with a pulsing motion that looks like an enchanting dance, thanks to the bioluminescent glow that illuminates their tentacles. Speaking of tentacles, did you know that some Pacific Sea Nettles have tentacles that can grow up to 20 feet long? That's longer than most limousines!

Visit the Vancouver Aquarium’s Wondrous Jellies gallery if you think you’re ready for these jellies! With their mesmerizing glow and graceful movements, these jellyfish are sure to capture your heart.

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Wondrous Jellies Exhibit

These mesmerizing, gelatinous blobs are both hunters and hunted. Sea turtles travel huge distances just to feast on them. Discover so much more about these fascinating animals as you explore our vairous jellyfish exhibits.

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