Green Anaconda

(Tropical Lowlands of South America)

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IUCN Conservation Status
Least Concern (LC)


Tropical Lowlands of South America/Shallow, slow moving freshwater


Size: Upward of 29 ft. long • Weight: Up to 550 lbs.

The Green Anaconda is the heaviest and one of the longest snake species in the world, weighing upwards of 550 pounds and growing to more than 29 feet long, making them a fierce predator.

Sometimes called the ‘water boa’ due to their innate ability to swim, Green Anacondas are the most aquatic of all the boas, living in shallow and slow-moving water as well as grasslands and forests. Their signature forked tongue helps them navigate their environment – they essentially “taste” the air, and use their forked tongue to determine which direction their food or mate is in. But unlike other boas, the Green Anaconda’s prey often succumbs to drowning as opposed to constriction. Hey, at least they aren’t venomous...

Slither on over to our Graham Amazon Gallery to learn more about this riveting reptile’s hissssss-tory, up close and personal!

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