A deeper learning experience at the Vancouver Aquarium


Empower students with the skills to become engaged environmental leaders

Applications are now open

Starting in the spring of 2020, we will be welcoming teachers to apply for a chance to provide students with a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience.  At AquaSchool, the Vancouver Aquarium is your classroom every day for an entire week!  

Work closely with Ocean Wise's passionate education coordinators, volunteers, and staff to develop a unique week of programming. Classes will have the opportunity to come in before opening hours, to hear how diverse Ocean Wise staff became advocates for ocean conservation, and to visit our behind-the-scenes wet lab.  

Our goal is to engage students through a personalized experience that ignites their passion for conservation and incorporates their prior knowledge and interests as they learn about real-world issues.  

AquaSchool will equip your students with the skills to become better observers, creative critical thinkers, and youth ambassadors in a rapidly changing environment.  


Important AquaSchool dates


Spring 2020 - Applications for AquaSchool open

June 2020 - Applications for AquaSchool close

September 2020 - Selection process and teachers notified

AquaSchool dates 

One class of 15-25 students will be chosen for each week of AquaSchool.


Eligibility & selection criteria

- Class size of 15-25 students (please note in your application if you have more than 25 students)

- Students are Grade 1-12

- Available to attend the program for the entire week. Programs runs Monday to Friday from 9:30am-2:15pm

- Available to attend an information meeting (date TBC)

- If successful, able to work collaboratively with an Ocean Wise Education program coordinator to plan the week of AquaSchool 

- Ability to demonstrate:  

  • A strong interest in conservation and contemporary environmental issues 

  • A desire to develop your skills or knowledge as an educator 

  • A desire to create opportunities for students to cultivate their passion and develop their skills with the goal of  contributing to contemporary, real-world conservation issues 

  • The value (e.g. curriculum, skills development, empathy) that AquaSchool will provide to your class  

  • Interest or previous experience in interdisciplinary or collaborative approaches to teaching 


Pricing Details

Exact price TBC. 

Parents volunteers are admitted for free at a ratio of 1:5 students. EAs and teachers are also free. Please contact us at if your class is larger than 25 students. 


Please note

A separate application must be filled in for each class applying. 

Teachers who apply should be committed, thoughtful professionals who themselves are curious and creative.  

The teacher is accepted into the program (not a class, grade or school). In the event of changes to grade or school assignments, acceptance follows the teacher (with the approval of the site coordinator). 


For questions about the AquaSchool program or application process, please email:  

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For questions about the AquaSchool program or application process, please email


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