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For The Baby Whale

Marine Mammal Rescue Centre staff racing to save a juvenile false killer whale rescued near Tofino. 

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Groundbreaking Beluga Research

Beluga mothers and calves depend on clicks, squeals and whistles to survive in Canada’s Arctic.

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Our 1,500+ staff and volunteers are deeply committed to protecting our oceans.

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  • Featured Animal: Pig-Nosed Turtle
    It’s a pig, it’s a turtle – it’s a pig-nosed turtle! Meet one of the newest marine animal additions to the Vancouver Aquarium. Located in the New...
  • Giant Squid Really are Giant
    Picture a creature taller than a four story house. How is it possible that something so large was never observed in its natural habitat until 2012? Could it be that they are...
  • Sixgill Sharks Appear in Howe Sound
    On July 30, Howe Sound Research Program coordinator Jessica Schultz was underwater conducting a transect to assess the ecological impacts of sea star wasting syndrome when,...
  • Diving Into the Arctic
    Our planet is undergoing changes at unprecedented speeds, and nowhere are those changes more evident than in the Arctic. We are in a race to learn about the Arctic as it is...

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The Big Reveal

The Big Reveal

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