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You’re really going to love the two newest members of the Aquarium family, Lakina & Balzak.

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The FIERCEST animals in the Sea. After Hours: Aug 9, 6:30

Celebrate the Pride Season with fishy drag performances, unusual animal sex lives science talks and explore the galleries during this adults-only event.

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Douglas Coupland's Vortex 

On For A Limited Time - Art Meets Science Meets Ocean

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Ocean wise®

Let's Be Ocean Wise

Explore our new global ocean conservation organization.

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  • Innovation in the High Arctic
    This summer, Ocean Wise has officially joined forces with One Ocean Expeditions (OOE) with the goal of expanding our joint education and research programs around the world on...
  • Proud & Loud After Hours 
    It was not a typical After Hours at the Vancouver Aquarium last Thursday. Guests dressed in their finest drag: lycra tights, rainbow sashes and ribbons, purple...
  • Weekly Ocean News 
    Ecosystems and Biodiversity Seagrass beds play a vital role in biodiversity, acting as nurseries for 20% of the world’s fisheries, including small fish and crustaceans...
  • Top Tools for Tracking Abuse in Seafood 
    Seafood supply chains are complicated. A single seafood item can travel from one country to the next, on boats and freight trucks, to the processing facility, to the domestic...

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