Help save the Vancouver Aquarium

Although we are now open, we still need your help to secure the Vancouver Aquarium's future.

How to help

Every gift, no matter the size, will ensure that our 70,000 animals - from the jellyfish, to the frogs, to our rescued otters - continue to receive the highest level of care at the Aquarium. 


Make a donation

Our animal care teams are still at work ensuring our animals continue to receive the highest level of care. But this costs money, if you are able to help, please donate. No gift is too small to make a big difference.


Support community fundraising initiatives

Save the Vancouver Aquarium and support local businesses and artists.


Hold a fundraiser

Let you friends and family know how they can help save the Aquarium. You can start a fundraising team to save the Aquarium.*


Shop our online store

When you purchase a facemask or other item from our store you will be supporting the ongoing care of our 70,000 animals through the COVID-19 crisis.

* An important note! We are blown away and appreciate the outpouring of support from our community and the incredible fundraisers that you have created on our behalf. We know that we are not alone in this crisis and uncertain period, so we want to clarify the best way to ensure your generous support reaches the Vancouver Aquarium / Ocean Wise. Unfortunately the money raised through the Facebook donation platform can take months to reach us, so please use the Canada Helps platform. Thank you!
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Save Vancouver Aquarium

We know this a hard time for all, but we would love to see you again in safer times.

It Takes A Village

Saving local jobs. Saving the Vancouver Aquarium. Inside the production of the Whitecaps FC x Vancouver Aquarium facemasks.

60 Years of Vancouver Aquarium

From humble beginnings to a world leader in ocean conservation. For over 60 years the Vancouver Aquarium has been a world-class leader in conservation, research and education programs. Please help us continue this important work by making a donation today.