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Explore the photos below to experience what the Aquarium looks like dressed up for an event. Your guests will be enthralled by the beauty of our exhibits and galleries. Each of these spaces will provide your guests with a clear view of fascinating marine creatures. Contact our Catering and Events department to find out more or to book your event now.

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Email: cateringandevents@vanaqua.org

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Unique Spaces


Treasures of the BC Coast Exhibit

Our Treasures of the BC Coast exhibit features a sampling of marine habitats along British Columbia’s coast. Large, scenic photos set the scene for each habitat, where animals that live there are on display. This exhibit is also home to the iconic Pacific giant octopus, as well as surprisingly colourful cold-water corals.

Canacord Financial Exploration Gallery

Be amazed, engaged and inspired by the Our World exhibit within the Canaccord Financial Exploration Gallery, which introduces the world of the Aquarium and the exhibits within.

Pacific Canada Pavilion - Upper Level

The Pacific Canada Pavilion spans two levels and focuses on the fascinating marine life just outside Vancouver’s front door. From the upper level guests can get an above-surface view of the incredible diversity of the Strait of Georgia exhibit.

Pacific Canada Pavilion - Lower Level

From the Pacific Canada Pavilion's lower level guests can come face to face with the halibut, crabs and rockfish that live there.

Tropic Zone

From fascinating clown anemonefish to sleek blacktip reef sharks, life and colour are abound in the Tropic Zone. This gallery focuses on warm water animals from all over the world, including Africa, Madagascar, Central America and other biodiversity hotspots.

Wild Coast Exhibit - Upper Level

The Wild Coast is home to dolphins, orphaned sea otters, a rehabilitated harbor porpoise, rescued seals and sea lions. 

Steller's Bay Gallery - Lower Level

Come nose to snout with Steller sea lions at Steller’s Bay, a new exhibit that spotlights these majestic and mysterious creatures, only at Vancouver Aquarium. Below the surface stands huge underwater viewing windows where visitors will be immersed in a sea lion’s world, getting up-close as the dynamic animals glide through the water with incredible power and agility. 

Barker Interactive Learning Lab (Wet Lab)

Go behind the scenes in our Wet Lab, an interactive learning centre. See and possibly touch marine animals such as crabs, sea anemones, sea stars, sea urchins and sea cucumbers.

Sustainable Fine Dining

Our culinary team has prepared a wide variety of intriguing menus for every taste and occasion. We are happy to create a custom menu tailored towards your event or theme. Our goal is to offer a dining experience as exceptional as the Aquarium itself.

Table Settings

We work with our clients to provide a wide range of table settings to suit every taste and occasion.


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Did You Know?

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