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Marine Biodiversity
In Howe Sound

Vancouver Aquarium, with the support of Sitka Foundation, is conducting a two-year Howe Sound biological monitoring program called Counting on Howe Sound as part of its commitment to researching and enhancing the health of the Howe Sound ecosystem. This initiative identifies and assesses marine species at several locations in Howe Sound while teaching our next generation of taxonomists how to identify the species who call the area home. The information gathered is being used to teach students in schools and communities through the Aquarium’s AquaVan and school programs about the amazing natural community under the water right outside of their front doors, and to inspire them to keep learning more about marine biodiversity.

At a time when biodiversity is decreasing at an unprecedented rate, identifying and assessing marine species in Howe Sound is critical to evaluating the overall health of the area's ecosystem.

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Field Guide

For detailed information on identifying marine life in British Columbia waters please consult the Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest: A Photographic Encyclopedia of Invertebrates Seaweeds and Selected Fishes. With 1,700 superb colour photographs of over 1,400 species, this resource is the most comprehensive collection of photographs of Pacific Northwest marine life ever published.

Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest

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Did You Know?

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