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Have An Ecosystem Expedition Sleepover


A Unique Overnight
Adventure For Students

After the Aquarium has closed its doors for the evening, bring your sleeping bag for a special night of discovery and learning. Our Overnight Adventure Guides will lead your class on an exciting 12-hour voyage to three corners of the world. We will be focusing on the various ways that animals, plants and humans interact within each ecosystem. This is an unforgettable and educational experience for everyone involved.

The minimum age to participate in the group sleepover is 6 years old. Anyone under the age of 6 years will not be premitted to attend the program.

During Your Experience

Following your visit to three of the below habitats, your group will return briefly for a light late night snack. Afterwards, you’ll continue on the second half of your educational adventure. 

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The Northwest Pacific

The Northwest Pacific

Dive into the temperate coastal waters of the Pacific Northwest and discover the diverse but threatened marine life in British Columbia’s Georgia Strait. Learn about some ways you can help keep them safe.

The Arctic

The Arctic

Travel to Canada’s icy Arctic and learn how its inhabitants adapt to and survive in this harsh environment. You might be surprised at just how much life there is above and below the ocean surface, even in this remote region.

The Amazon

The Amazon

Explore the canopy layers of the Amazonian rainforest to uncover the intricate relationship between rainforest animals and their lush jungle home. You’ll also learn about some of the threats they face and how you can help them.

The Tropics

The Tropics

Snorkel the warm clear waters of the Indo-Pacific, exploring the abundant life in a coral reef community, and see how every niche on reefs provides food, shelter and survival for the teeming multitudes of colourful marine life.

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The Invertebrate Lab

Study seashore ecology and British Columbia’s four major marine invertebrate groups more deeply in this live, hands-on intertidal marine biology lab. Get up close and personal with local sea stars, crabs and anemones.

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Sleeping At The Aquarium

At 12:30 a.m., your group will sleep in one of our marine living galleries such as the Wild Coast Underwater viewing gallery, the Tropics gallery or our Cannaccord gallery. After a light morning breakfast, tour the Wild Coast and Graham Amazon Gallery as the Aquarium awakens for a new day. Your journey concludes at 9 a.m. as you gather your gear and head for home.


Book Your Sleepover

Booking a sleepover is simple. To get started on your journey, please call our Sleepover Department or send us an email.

Phone: 604-659-3504 
Email: sleepovers@ocean.org 


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