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Booking Details

Book the Discovery AquaKit for a day or a week!   You may pick up and drop off the Discovery AquaKit yourself at the Vancouver Aquarium, or you may request that we arrange for a courier to pick up and drop off the kit for you.

Discovery AquaKit In Your Elementary School

The Discovery AquaKit is a small suitcase full of props activities and lesson plans, and is available for use by educators and their students in their own classrooms. Inside the kit educators will find a selection of props and artifacts such as sea shells, an eagle skull, and crab molts as well as photographs and other information.

The kit’s goal is to help students discover connections and interdependencies between some of the animals living in the rich intertidal zone of British Columbia’s coast line.   

Sea Shells
AquaKit Game

Lesson Plans

In addition to props, you will find grade-specific, curriculum-connected lesson plans for your students from kindergarten to grade 7.  Our Discovery AquaKit also contains an “Environment Kit” and everything your students need to play the “Food Chain, Food Web” game.  The lesson plans currently available are:  Outrageous Oceans (K – 1), Circle of Life (2 – 3), Fitting in with your Surroundings (4 - 7), Food Chain – Food Web (4 – 7), and Food Web Game (4 – 7).


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Did You Know?

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