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Vancouver Aquarium AquaKits

Vancouver Aquarium AquaKits are designed to be used at local community events or in your neighbourhood schools.  Our Festival AquaKit will engage your community while our Discovery AquaKit is for teachers and students to explore in their classrooms.


Festival AquaKit

Engage your community with the incredible items in our Festival AquaKit. The Festival AquaKit is a 30 kg case filled to the brim with amazing props and accompanying information sheets and photographs. The Festival AquaKit showcases various local and global marine life, as well as the conservation issues surrounding our oceans and marine inhabitants today. Our goal is to raise awareness about what we can do to keep our oceans healthy and plentiful for years to come.

Discovery AquaKit

Inspire your students with our exciting Discovery AquaKit. This 13 kg kit contains a selection of props which can be used independently or with the lesson plans provided. Our Discovery AquaKit is a tool for educators, supplying them with resources to help students make connections between animals and their environment and will promote a greater understanding of the natural world.


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