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Junior Biologists Club (ages 7-10 & 11-13)

Junior Biologists Club is excited to start a new season where we continue to explore the animals, science, and research that happen behind the scenes at Ocean Wise and in ocean science research. Get ready to dive into a series of adventures to gain a better understanding of our aquatic planet, the technological innovation in Aquarium research and what we need to do to better protect our oceans. Register today!

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Recognition Program

Junior Biologists Club participants are now eligible for seven levels of recognition. Recipients will be awarded with an ocean-themed badge that they can wear with pride.

JuniorBiologist_ClubBadges_Observer.png JuniorBiologist_ClubBadges_Explorer.png JuniorBiologist_ClubBadges_Ambassador.png


Level 1

Ocean Observer 

Attend 3 sessions

Level 2

Ocean Explorer

Attend 6 sessions

Level 3

Ocean Ambassador

Attend 9 sessions

Level 4

Ocean Steward

Attend 12 sessions

JuniorBiologist_ClubBadges_Extraordinaire.png JuniorBiologist_ClubBadges_Rescuer.png JuniorBiologist_ClubBadges_Champion.png

Level 5

Ocean Extraordinaire 

Attend 15 sessions

Level 6

Ocean Rescuer

Attend 20 sessions

Level 7

Ocean Champion

Attend 25 sessions

Program Details

Date: Saturdays
Duration: 2.5 hours
Time: 9:30 a.m. until 12 p.m. 
Ages: 7-10 and 11-13

Please note that this is a drop-off only program. Registration closes 48 hours before the start of the program.

Fee Information


Members rate per child, per session


Non-members rate per child, per session (does not include admission to the Aquarium)

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Program Themes

Each month features a different theme. 
The first two dates of each theme is for 7 to 10 year old club members.
*The third date is for 11 to 13 year old club members.

1. Journey to the Jungle (October 6, 13, 20*)

Rainforests are known for their stormy weather, humid environments, beautiful tall trees, and for being a biodiversity “hot spot”. Join our team as we explore the Amazonian rainforests, from tree tops to forest floor, to identify some of the unique animal and plant species, the diverse habitats in this ecosystem, and some of the threats that rainforests are facing today.

2. Ocean Odyssey (November 3, 10, 17*)

Have you ever looked at our beautiful mountains, rivers, lakes, and ocean and wondered how they were formed? Are you curious about what the ocean landscape looks like? Is it flat? Is it rocky? How deep is it? Become an oceanographer for the day and discover our dynamic ocean floor, and how plate tectonics play a role in shaping our favourite landscapes! Experience these phenomena first hand with some slime experiments and a visit to the beach!

3. Arctic Expedition (December 1, 8, 15*)

Grab your parka and snowshoes as we travel to the white desert – the Arctic Circle! Learn about our favourite arctic critters, including polar bears, walruses, belugas, narwhals, and even teeny tiny plankton, and how these species have adapted to survive in this cold, windy environment. Understand the indigenous cultures and traditional values of the Arctic, and how climate change has altered these practices and the environment.

4. Salty Science! (January 5, 12, 19*)

Put on your lab coats and goggles as we dive into the marine research that takes place at Ocean Wise. Get hands-on experience in marine science through a variety of experiments, activities, and special guest speakers that will get your feet wet in the studies of marine biology.

5. Plunder Down Under (February 2, 9, 16*)

Dive deep into the ocean abyss, where the sunlight can no longer penetrate this world of eerie, cold darkness. Miles beneath the surface lies an unexplored world, filled with sights we have never imagined! Plunder down under to discover the animals who have adapted to life in the dark, the technology that lets us explore these regions, and the mysteries that still remain.

6. Operation Orca (March 2, 9, 16*)

The Southern Resident killer whales, which call Vancouver waters home, are struggling to recover from their endangered status due to threats including toxic pollution, declining Chinook salmon populations, and noise and disturbance from boat traffic. Many scientists are studying these populations to address these issues – join our team by learning the physical characteristics and identification tools of orcas, their life cycle history, adaptations and behaviours, and the existing research and conservation efforts in place to save these beautiful creatures!

7. Mission Migration (April 6, 13, 20*)

Take on an adventure countless animals do each season: a migration. Follow the tracks of a leatherback sea turtle or a humpback whale with our massive Migration Map, in which we will see step by step how far those of the animal kingdom venture. It’s quite the mission to travel these great distances that could cause animals to come face to face with additional challenges due to environmental factors. Join us to accept the mission!

8. Fishing and Dishing (May 4, 11, 18*)

Come join us as we dish it about the fishing industry! We’re serving sustainability while playing with our food to learn about where the fish on our plates comes from. Analyze a fish before it’s been neatly packaged with a fish dissection. Get a peak at the process in which fish travel from the ocean to the dinner table by exploring various fishing methods – some great and some not! Make sure to bring an appetite for fish fun!

9. Frogs Forever? (June 1, 8, 15*)

Take a hop into the lifecycle of a frog and have a glimpse with your bulging frog eyes at the ecosystem they call home. Get an insiders look at what initiatives the biologists at Ocean Wise are doing to protect frogs. Despite amphibians surviving the disaster that wiped out the dinosaurs, they’re now under siege from a variety of threats. We’ll get to the crook of the matter and see how we can play a role for a hoppy ending.

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Did You Know?

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