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Members’ Stories 

Members often have the most incredible experiences at the Vancouver Aquarium.Thank you to all our wonderful members who shared their moving and inspirational stories with us. We loved sharing them and hope they inspire others in their love for the Vancouver Aquarium.

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These are stories from members who have been amazed, engaged and inspired by their membership at the Vancouver Aquarium. Thank you for sharing the love of the Aquarium with us!


July Member Story

"My daughter and I attended the June member-only beach walk, it was truly an unforgettable experience to us. We got to identify different kinds of seaweeds, look at small sea animals under microscope, and we were even lucky enough to see a crab molt and watch a barnacle peeking its legs out of the shell. The staff members were super knowledgeable and helpful. One and a half hours really felt like 15 mins. Thank you, Aquarium and thank you to all the great staff members."

- Yuyi H.


June Member Story

"We had a wonderful time working with the Vancouver Aquarium during [the Members-only Great Canadian] Shoreline Cleanup at Garry Point Park. We did this in celebration of my Dad's birthday on May 15th (he died 5 years ago). Our team picked up a full bucket of trash, a large chain, 2 angels dolls, a pair of sunglasses and a pair of Crocs! After the cleanup we went to the Aquarium where we had a Sea Lion Encounter, a birthday gift to my daughter MacKenzie who just turned 12. Once again, we had an amazing time with excellent customer service!"

-Kathryn C.


May Member Story 

"Started coming when I was on mat leave, needed something to do while being off, and my daughter just loved it. She loved looking at everything and playing in Clownfish Cove. As she got older, she became very interested in everything and learning about the animals there. The highlight of her visit was the day we came to see Scuba Claus this past Christmas and we saw Santa  on our way into the Aquarium and Santa took the time to talk to her and give her a high 5. To this day she still talks about it. Now she loves coming with her little sister and showing her all the frogs. In our opinion, the Vancouver Aquarium is the best aquarium around. Keep up the great work!"

- Carolyne B

Monica S

April Member Story

"It started off as a 1st birthday gift to my son. We love the members-only activities and were lucky enough to attend the sneak peek of Discover Rays. The exhibit was amazing, we are looking forward to going back on Super Saturday to touch the rays again but it wasn’t the touch pool experience that made the night. We enjoyed having the opportunity to speak with the staff and volunteers. They are so knowledgeable and willing to make the information meaningful, even to the smallest of members! My kids learned so much and despite being apprehensive to initially putting their tiny hands in the pool, they are now counting the days until we can visit the touch pool again."

- Monica S.


March Member Story

"My son has a neurological issue requiring many trips to Children’s Hospital. We bought a membership to the Aquarium a couple years ago and when Lucas is around the marine animals he is calm and seems to really connect with them. Lucas is particularly fond of Chester,who plays a significant therapeutic role in my son’s life. Not only does he love Chester’s cheeky personality but they have become friends. Chester often follows him and even started sticking his tongue out at Lucas. We all had a good laugh looking at the pictures. Lucas started researching False Killer Whales and Chester’s rescue story. On a recent trip to the Aquarium, Lucas presented his report to several Aquarium staff. It was warmly received and a huge confidence booster for him. Our time spent at the Aquarium is the best thing we do when we visit Vancouver."

- Claire & Lucas


February Member Story

"As a new person to Vancouver, I was taken to the Vancouver Aquarium on a day trip, I signed up after spending hours there and having a one on one talk with one of the staff there, Nathalie, about the Dolphins and the sea otters, it was an amazing day and one I would love to repeat. This a photo I took of the inside jellyfish tank, it looks like the earth but isn't." 

- Jamie H. 


January Member Story (2016)

"Last summer, I bought my first membership. In the fall, I took my boyfriend on a date with my free pass. While at the Aquarium, we decided to visit the 4D movie and to my surprise it was about climate change. Since 2008, I have been directing a photo and writing project with Indigenous youth about climate change. After the movie, I gave a volunteer my business card and mentioned that I had a project they may be interested in. It was a huge surprise when I received an e-mail from the Aquarium expressing their interest in exhibiting the project. I am so thrilled to announce the Portraits of Resilience project is on display from January 9th till February 14th, 2016. Wow all that from just one membership!" 

- Christine G.


November Member Story (2015)

"We just had our first encounter with Chester the false killer whale. My son was so in love that we had to go twice during our visit to have conversations with him while showing him the toys Chester loves. My daughter was amazed as Chester "spoke" to her right at the window after she was brave enough to return to the window when he came and looked in her eyes. I was so touched to meet a false killer whale that looked into my eyes. On our way home, all they both talked about was Chester!"

- Camille A.


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