Welcome Joey!

Orphaned otter pup, Joey, has found a new home at the Vancouver Aquarium.


Joey has been receiving 24-hour care at the Ocean Wise Marine Mammal Rescue Centre and has now moved to his new home

Joey was found orphaned at only a few days old near Kyuquot B.C.  Deemed non-releasable by Government officials, Joey will now get a second chance at life and will join a family of 6 rescued otters at the Vancouver Aquarium.  

For the very first time, visitors will be able to watch his rehabilitation journey in his newly-built nursery. Joey’s custom new digs will be visible to the public and lucky viewers may catch glimpses of bath and feeding time with his care team between naps. 

Here's what you may see when you visit Joey

Joey's nursery

Nap time

Feeding time

Bath time

Towel time

Grooming time

Swim time


Ways to Help

Your kind gift today will help support and care for Joey, a tiny sea otter pup. Rescue and rehabilitation of marine mammals like a highly labour-intensive process, we need your help now more than ever.



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Joey Cam

Tune in to Joey TV! Lucky viewers may catch glimpses of bath and feeding time with his care team between naps.


Ocean Wise Marine Mammal Rescue

The Ocean Wise Marine Mammal Rescue Centre — a hospital for sick, injured or orphaned marine mammals — is the only one of its kind in Canada. Under authorization from DFO, the team rescues, rehabilitates and releases more than 120 animals each year; For every patient, the goal is to treat, rehabilitate and return it to the wild as soon as possible. The veterinary team provides medical treatment to harbour seals, sea otters, sea lions, sea turtles, elephant seals, whales, dolphins, and porpoises.