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Chief of the

Undersea World

Located just outside the entrance to the Vancouver Aquarium, sits a large bronze statue by world famous artist Bill Reid. It's a rare treat to see this Haida artist's art in a public place, most of his art is in museums.


Marvel at one of Bill Reid’s largest creations

This incredible 5.5 meter tall, bronze sculpture sits just outside the Vancouver Aquarium. It was created by Haida artist Bill Reid and donated by Jim and Isabel Graham in 1984.


Chief of the Undersea World

World-famous, Haida artist Bill Reid's sculpture is a remarkable example of West Coast Indigenous art at its finest. The Haida people know Skaana - the Killer Whale - as chief of the world beneath the waves. He raised winter storms and brought calm to summer seas. Skaana governed the mystical cycle of the salmon and was keeper of all the ocean's living treasure.

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