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Caring For Amazon Birds

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A Close-Up Look At
Colourful Birds

The feisty, feathered birds in our Amazon Rainforest are no bird brains; they’re extremely smart. That’s why we constantly build new toys (enrichment items) for them to keep their minds active and healthy. In fact, they get new toys every day. You can help the birds’ caretakers make enrichment items for them during this feature program, as well as learn why they take so much more care than people might expect.
Meet the Amazon birds

Amazon Birds

A Rainforest Inside
An Aquarium

Take a break from the temperate climate of British Columbia’s West Coast and immerse yourself in the humidity and heat of a re-creation of South America’s tropical rainforest. The Graham Amazon Gallery represents one of the biggest ecosystems in the world. This region has over 3,000 fish species and one-fifth of the world’s bird species—and many more animals are still being discovered. The gallery highlights some of these amazing species, as well as some of the threats they face.

Meet The Birds

From scarlet ibises to chatty toucanets, there’s a variety of birds that live in the Graham Amazon Gallery. One of them is Cosmo, the blue-fronted Amazon parrot. This species is among the chattiest birds in the animal kingdom. Considered wonderful singers, blue-fronted Amazons are also great at learning words and phrases. Toucanets, on the other hand, can’t carry a tune; they grunt more than they sing. Two of these vibrant green birds live in the Graham Amazon Gallery.


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Did You Know?

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