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As Canada’s largest aquarium, the Vancouver Aquarium, an Ocean Wise ® initiative, connects hundreds of thousands of Aquarium visitors with the natural world. With over 50,000 animals and unique opportunities to come up close with some of the world’s most elusive creatures, every visit is an unforgettable one. With an ever-evolving lineup of shows, the Aquarium always has something interesting to see. Because we base the programs around the animals’ natural behaviours, no show is ever the same. Join us for a show led by our educational and entertaining interpreters to learn more about the animals that live at the Aquarium and how they’re ambassadors for their species in the wild.

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Regular Shows

4-D Experience icon

4-D Experience

Check daily show schedule

Immerse yourself in our 4-D Experience, a cinematic adventure filled with thrilling sensory effects such as wind, mist, scents and dramatic lighting! 

Dolphins icon


Time: Daily; Check daily show schedule
Anything can happen in this special training session. Get a first-hand look at research in action, see some ways we keep the dolphins healthy, and learn about the amazing rescue stories that brought these animals to the Vancouver Aquarium.

Sea Otters icon

Sea Otters

Time: Daily; Check daily show schedule
Watch our adorably playful sea otters eat a tasty meal on their stomachs. Learn about the important role they play in the ocean ecosystem and how you can help to protect them.

B.C. Waters icon

B.C. Waters

Time: Daily; Check daily show schedule
This dive show in the Pacific Canada Pavilion highlights some of the animals that live off the British Columbian coast. You might be surprised at how much we have in common with them.

Sharks icon


Time: Daily; Check daily show schedule
Come to the Tropic Zone to learn about these awesome guardians of the ocean and their true role in the ocean’s ecosystem. 

Sea Lions icon

Sea Lions

Time: Daily; Check daily show schedule
Steller sea lions are common sights off of the B.C. coast, but did you know that they are in trouble? Come learn more about these magnificent mammals at our sea lion show.

Family Program icon

Family Program

Time: DailyCheck daily show schedule
Swim like a shark or jump like a dolphin during our family programs. Story time, animal-themed dances, sing-a-longs, puppet shows and crafts have been designed with kids (up to eight years of age) and guardians in mind.

Feature Programs

Dolphin Trainer Talk icon

Dolphin Trainer Talk

Check show schedule for times

Have you ever wanted to be a marine mammal trainer? Maybe you still do? Come and hear directly from the mouths of our marine mammal trainers about the education, dedication, and passion you need in order to succeed in this competitive field.

Arctic Tour icon

Arctic Tour

Check daily show schedule

Join us in Canada's Underwater Arctic gallery for a narrated tour highlighting some of the exhibits and their inhabitants. This gallery is home to one of the most diverse and unique collections of arctic fish and invertebrates (animals without spines) in the world.

Wet Lab Exploration icon

Wet Lab Exploration

Time: Weekends only; Check daily show schedule
See what happens behind the scenes at the Vancouver Aquarium in the Barker Interactive Learning Lab. This classroom allows students to get up close and personal with local marine animals.

Penguin Talk icon

Penguin Talk

Time: Varies; Check daily show schedule
Waddle your way to the Vancouver Aquarium and meet the African penguins. These charming little characters are now calling the Vancouver Aquarium home. Come see them at Penguin Point, our brand new penguin exhibit located between our Wild Coast and Canada’s Arctic exhibits.

Meet A Penguin icon

Meet A Penguin

Time: Varies; Check daily show schedule
See an African penguin waddle through the Teck Engagement gallery. Meet the trainers and learn how they care for the day-to-day needs of these endangered birds.

Meet A Snake icon

Meet A Snake

Time: Times vary, check daily show schedule; Check daily show schedule
Come face to face with a live boa constrictor or ball python, and you might find that snakes aren’t as scary as you think. You’ll also learn about how they help us.

Frog Talk icon

Frog Talk

Time: Times vary, check daily show schedule; Check daily show schedule
Leap into the fantastic world of frogs during this morning feeding session. Visit our Frogs Forever? Gallery to find out how frogs help us and why they need our help in turn.

B.C. Coast Critter Corner icon

B.C. Coast Critter Corner

Time: Times vary, check daily show schedule; Check daily show schedule
Get an exciting and intimate look at some local marine animals. You can watch predator/prey interactions, dissections or other activities that might give you a better appreciation for these spineless animals. 

Amazon Critter Corner icon

Amazon Critter Corner

Time: Times vary, check daily show schedule; Check daily show schedule
Meet some of the Aquarium’s smaller residents and learn why they’re so important to us. You'll also get the chance to have an up-close and personal encounter with one of our live insects or millipedes. 

Sea Turtle Talk icon

Sea Turtle Talk

Time: Times vary, check daily show scheduleCheck daily show schedule
Meet Schoona, our resident sea turtle who lives among the sharks. Learn about her amazing rescue and some of the obstacles that sea turtles face on their long journeys through the ocean.

Sturgeon Talk icon

Sturgeon Talk

Time: Times vary, check daily show schedule; Check daily show schedule
White sturgeon have been living on our planet for millions of years. We are privileged to have a few of our very own living here at the Aquarium. Come and discover more about this ancient and underappreciated species of fish on your next visit to the Strait of Georgia exhibit.

Exploring Touch Pools icon

Exploring Touch Pools

Time: Times vary, check daily show schedule; Check daily show schedule
Roll up your sleeves and be prepared to get your hands wet. In this opportunity to meet British Columbia's invertebrates, you’ll have the chance to touch a variety of intertidal animals. 

Story Time icon

Story Time

Time: Times vary, check daily show schedule; Check show schedule
Join us for Story Time in Clownfish Cove at the Vancouver Aquarium, where kids can immerse themselves in a new world filled with interactive stories.


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