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Introducing Lakina and Balzak

Meet the young walruses who have won the hearts of staff, volunteers and Aquarium visitors. Visit today to learn more about these fascinating animals and discover why everyone is falling in love with these curious and playful creatures.


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Big & Blubbery

At two-years old, Lakina and Balzak weigh in at an astonishing 300kg and 400kg respectively. When fully grown Lakina will likely weigh between 1,250 and 1,700kg while Balzak could tip the scales up to 3,700kg! Walruses need a substantial layer of blubber and thick skin to keep them warm in the icy waters of the Arctic.


Marvelous Moustaches

Part of what makes walruses such comically expressive creatures is their big bushy moustaches. This dense collection of 400 to 700 whiskers, or vibrissea, are the perfect tool for hunting the walruses favourite foods like clams, mussels and sea cucumbers along the dark ocean floor.

New Research Outpost

For the first time ever we are opening up the doors to our research centre and giving guests a look into the ground-breaking marine mammal research taking place behind the scenes. In this intimate presentation setting, guests will get an incredibly unique view of these animals while observing husbandry, research, and enrichment sessions.

The work our trainers and researchers are doing with walruses Lakina and Balzak as well as Steller sea lions and Northern fur seals will contribute to finding research-based solutions to protect wild populations.


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