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Teck Connections & Engagement Galleries


The Big Reveal

We’re excited to share the most significant expansion of our history. Your very first step into our amazing new space will lead you to new interactive areas, conservation stories, educational programming, animal exhibits and other immersive experiences.

Connections Gallery

In the Teck Connections Gallery you’ll find a variety of new animal exhibits that represent the diversity of aquatic life at the Aquarium. The centerpiece is a unique 14-foot globe which uniquely highlights the Arctic and is surrounded by 360 degrees of uninterrupted screens, taking you even deeper on your aquatic journey. This gallery is also the gateway to other aquatic worlds—from here you’ll be able to journey to the tropics, Pacific Canada, the Wild Coast and more.

Engagement Gallery

Below the globe, two spiral staircases lead down to the Teck Engagement Gallery and new programming space which also provides an entry point to our Frogs Forever? Galleryand future gallery expansion areas. The presentation area here is home to our visitors’ favourite programs like Ask the Staff and family programming as well as new educational features highlighting climate change and our conservation and research initiatives. The gallery area is home to rotating art exhibits.

A Green Building

All elements of our expansion have been built with environmentally sensitive and sustainable products and methods, based on LEED Gold standards. Some of our greening initiatives include rainwater harvesting tanks that capture rainwater for irrigation and water systems for toilets and a new facility-wide and energy-efficient heat exchange system that heats and cools the building and animal exhibits in the most energy-efficient way possible. 


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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Sea otters hold hands to rest in groups called “rafts”.
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