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Frogs Forever?


Frogs In Peril

Amphibians survived the disaster that wiped out the dinosaurs, but now they’re under siege from a variety of threats including habitat loss, devastating disease and being hunted for food. At the rate they’re disappearing, we could lose up to half of the world’s amphibians in our lifetimes. Frogs Forever? highlights the diversity and plights of frogs, salamanders and toads from different regions of the world. It also shows the amazing transformations they undergo in their lifetimes and offers some ways to help protect them.

Leap Into The
Amphibian World

Frogs Forever? isn’t just about frogs: the gallery houses 22 species of salamanders, toads and frogs. Some are threatened or endangered in the wild. Through innovative soundscapes and displays designed to show off these shy amphibians, the gallery aims to raise awareness about these delicate animals, the important role they play in our lives and the threats they face.
See how we're helping frogs recover

Vanishing Act

Frogs today are threatened with extinction. The Vancouver Aquarium has joined forces with zoos and aquariums around the world to try and stop hundreds of species from vanishing forever in a global effort called Amphibian Ark (AArk). AArk’s goal is to raise awareness about amphibian vulnerability and rescue at least 500 of the most threatened species. These species will be protected and bred in secure facilities at zoos and aquariums until the animals can one day be released back into nature.

Raising Awareness

Frogs, toads and salamanders have hopped or slithered on Earth since before the time of the dinosaurs. They come in a variety of colours and body shapes and go through amazing transformations over their lifetimes. They’re also in danger. Frogs Forever? raises awareness of their plight and shows how you can help. You can also get more in-depth information on these animals during our Spotlight On Frogs program.


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