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Canada’s Arctic


In The Grip Of Change

Canada’s Arctic is vast, diverse and changing. It is home to one of the largest archipelagos in the world and to belugas, one of the animals well-adapted to living with ice. The Aquarium’s Canada’s Arctic exhibit tells the story of the changes experienced by the animals, land and people, and engages visitors with cutting-edge technology and mesmerizing animals. It also shows how climate change is affecting this vast, remote area. By establishing active connections between visitors and this fascinating region, the interactive exhibit fosters awareness, understanding and relationships between those in the North and the rest of Canada.
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Rare Collections And
Cutting-Edge Technology

If you think the Arctic is a desolate place, you’d be surprised at how much life thrives within and beneath the sea ice that’s drifting on the ocean. The underwater Arctic is bursting with colour, and we’ve collected some of the most interesting marine animals from that region. We’ve also pioneered cutting-edge technology in order to get people understanding and talking about this little-known area that is so vital to our entire global ecosystem.

Changing By The Minute

Canada’s Arctic is undergoing some of the fastest and most dramatic changes in the world. Although researchers are desperately racing against time to document the diversity of life in this region, the sea ice is thinning and shrinking around them. We’re highlighting some of this research and raising awareness about the rapidly changing Arctic.
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Actively Connected

Canada’s Arctic is about connecting people with the North and the many issues—environmental, social, political, economic and cultural—that are affecting it and are affected by it. To make these connections, the Aquarium has developed new ways to engage and inspire Members and visitors—in the galleries and online. Try our cutting-edge multi-media touchtable or leave a comment on our message board. Our Spotlight on Canada’s Arctic program also gives more in-depth information on this mysterious region.


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Did You Know?

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