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Libations For Night At The Aquarium 

Tantalize your palate with the fabulous libations provided by the various partners participating at Night at the Aquarium. This year the Aquarium has set their focus on obtaining a variety of unique libations--from fine wines to tasty cocktails--for you to enjoy.  This event is not to be missed if you’re a foodie!

Participating Wineries

Beverage Partners 2018

We are very pleased to announce the participation of both new & returning partners for Night at the Aquarium 2018.

Cocktail Reception

Salt Spring Coffee

Cold Brew Gin and Tonic featuring LongTable Distillery Gin 


Sea Star Vineyards

Blanc de Noir
Reserve Pinot Noir
Salish Sea

Summerhill Winery

Cipes Brut Rose
Cipes Brut

Walter Craft Caesar

Walter Craft Caesar Mix featuring Roots and Wings Distillery Vital Vodka

Whistler Brewing Co.

Rescue Session Ale
Grapfruit Ale

Wine Pour with Dinner

Arterra Canada

Kung Fu Girl

Mclean Creek Vineyard Chardonnay

Pentage Winery


Tinhorn Creek

Red & White Wines TBC

Post Dinner & Desserts

Ocean Blu

Pomelo Nectar & Coastal Berry Vodka Soda

Salt Spring Coffee


US Consulate

Red & White Wines TBC

Whistler Brewing Co.

Rescue Session Ale
Grapfruit Ale

The Woods Spirit Co.

Pacific Northwest Amaro



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Did You Know?

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