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Wet Lab Programs

Our Wet Lab programs are a great way to engage your group, inspire curiosity and instill a sense of respect for all ocean life and its environment.

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Grades Kindergarten - 12


Program currently paused


90 minutes


English Mon-Fri; French Monday only



New Wet Lab Programs!

Our Wet Lab Programs aim to connect children and youth with local and global ocean environments by exploring one of two of our uniquely curated interactive wet lab spaces:

  • Wet Lab 1 is organized by types of animals or “phyla.”
  • Wet Lab 2 is organized by communities of animals and their surroundings or “ecosystems”. 

Upon booking, choose either Wet Lab 1 Program OR Wet Lab 2 Program depending on which space you want.

In both Wet Lab spaces, your students will engage in a specially designed program that incorporates:

  • handling of various live intertidal invertebrate animals
  • handling of various animal artifacts
  • interactions with knowledgeable staff and volunteers spanning a variety of professions (e.g. teachers, scientists, researchers, civil servants, world travelers, historians)
  • customization to the grade level that you book

Program Objectives – Updated 2019

Enhance ocean literacy:

  • increase understanding of the essential principles and fundamental concepts related to the ocean
  • increase understanding of the ocean’s influence on individuals and individual influence on the ocean
  • increase the ability of individuals and communities to make informed and responsible decisions regarding the ocean and its resources
  • help individuals and communities to communicate about the ocean in a meaningful way


Enhance local and global sustainable development:

  • increase understanding of the global issues faced by humans with focuses on climate change, pollution, environmental degradation, and sustainable consumption
  • create/deepen personal connection to global issues faced and promote a universal call to action to resolve these issues (and protect the planet!)


Support BC curriculum standards across all grade levels.


Our Wetlabs are Accessible

Our Wet Lab is wheelchair accessible and a great experience for individuals with visual impairments, allowing you to get up close with some of our incredible marine life. If you are an educator who has booked a Wet Lab program, view our accessible storybook for what your students can expect.

View our school program FAQ for answers.