Summer Wet Lab Experience

Come experience our popular interactive animal Wet Lab, participants will discover how coastal animals have adapted to life in their shoreline environment.

Quick info


All ages


Program currently paused


60 minutes


Wednesdays and Fridays
10 am and 12 pm



Get hands-on

These Wet Lab programs are a great way to engage your group, inspire curiosity and instill a sense of respect for all ocean life and its environment! This is a unique hands-on experience where your students will interact with and learn about live tidal pool sea animals from local B.C. waters and gain a first-hand insight into the inner workings of intertidal marine life. Through an inquiry approach, your group will be encouraged to explore the adaptations these animals have to thrive in their specific habitat, and what selective pressures exist in those habitats that have helped to shape these adaptations.


In this program, you will:

•        Handle live animals that live in BC waters.

•        Explore the adaptations these animals have to thrive in their specific habitats and ecosystems.

•        Learn about a variety of local marine habitats and ecosystems and the influences that affect the health and the survival of the communities of life that they contain.

•        Understand the complex conservation issues that affect our local aquatic ecosystems and around the world!