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Staying alive

Discover how animals and plants are adapted to survive in different environments. Learn how size, shape, colour and behaviour help them stay alive, and what we can do to maintain healthy habitats.

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Kindergarten-Grade 3


Program currently paused


90 minutes


Tuesdays and Wednesdays



Learn what it takes for animals to stay alive

Explore and discover how animals use their shape, size, colour, and behaviour to survive in their regular habitats. Learn how quickly changing conditions can impact their ability to stay alive and what we can do to maintain healthy habitats in our communities.

This is a gallery-based program that incorporates animal handling, props, and exhibits visits.


Program Themes:

·        All living things have the same four basic needs: water, food, oxygen, and shelter

·       Living things have specific physical and/or behavioural adaptations that make them well-suited for their habitats

·       When habitats change quickly, it is difficult for them to get their four basic needs

·        We can make a positive difference in helping to conserve these animals

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