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A unique overnight adventure for students.

A unique overnight adventure for students

After the Aquarium has closed its doors for the evening, bring your sleeping bag for a special night of discovery and learning. Our Overnight Adventure Guides will lead your class on an exciting 12-hour voyage to three corners of the world. We will be focusing on the various ways that animals, plants and humans interact within each ecosystem.

This is an unforgettable and educational experience for everyone involved. The minimum age to participate in the group sleepover is 6 years old. Anyone under the age of 6 years will not be permitted to attend the program.


During Your Experience:

Following your visit to three of the four habitats listed below, your group will return briefly for a light late night snack. Afterwards, you’ll continue on the second half of your educational adventure.

At 12:30 a.m., your group will sleep in one of our marine living galleries such as the Wild Coast Underwater viewing gallery, the Tropics gallery or our Cannaccord gallery. After a light morning breakfast, tour the Wild Coast and Graham Amazon Gallery as the Aquarium awakens for a new day. Your journey concludes at 9 a.m. as you gather your gear and head for home.


Booking a sleepover is simple. To get started on your journey, please call our Sleepover Department or send us an email. 

We also offer family sleepovers to the general public. Learn more here.

Questions? Comments? Contact us by phone: 604-659-3504, or by email:


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