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Ecology field school

New focus on community building solutions

Quick info


Grades 4 - 12


April 10 - June 20, 2019


2 hours


Tuesdays and Wednesdays


$400 per program

New focus on community building solutions

In this program, your students will:

  • Use real world skills and techniques of our research scientists on our local beaches
  • Be introduced to the many environmental factors that influence the health of local ecosystems
  • Understand how scientific research and conservation measures are intimately linked
  • Changing tides, pounding waves, and competition for food and space are among the few factors that challenge intertidal animals’ ability to survive. In Stanley Park, we are in a unique position to learn more about these amazing animals and how we can keep our ecosystems healthy.
  • In this program, students will discover who lives in our backyard, explore the amazing adaptations that allow animals to survive, and get a hands-on look at the skills and tools that marine scientists use on a daily basis.

Ecology Field School encourages students to explore how scientific investigation can play a major role in preserving marine life, how our actions have an impact on the world around us, and how every individual can contribute to the well-being of our natural environments.

NOTE: This program is conducted entirely outside. Please prepare your class and chaperones to dress appropriately for spending time outdoors and at the beach (e.g. hats, sunscreen, jackets, beach appropriate footwear etc). Our work near the shoreline may result in wet feet! Wearing water-resistant shoes or rubber boots is highly recommended!

View our school program FAQ for answers.


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