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Arctic Biodiversity

Ideal for classes seeking an emphasis on Indigenous content and the influences of different cultures on the diversity and survival of all living things

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90 min


Wednesdays and Thursdays



In this program, your students will:

  • Explore the concept of interconnectedness between humans and our environment and our influences on other humans and environments around the world
  • Describe the adaptations Arctic animals have to thrive and current threats to their survival
  • Evaluate the causes and effects of climate change on Canada's Arctic and around the world
  • Explain how First Peoples continue to use the animal resources in a sustainable way
  • Learn about current research in the world's Arctic regions that is possible through First Peoples perspectives and knowledge

The Arctic is a unique ecosystem that hosts a surprising amount of biodiversity. Students will have the opportunity to explore our Arctic gallery in detail with the guidance of experienced educators. They will experience the Arctic by meeting our animals, investigating numerous artifacts, and exploring a variety of activities to find out more about who and what lives in Canada's Arctic.

This program will help students to understand how such an unexpected variety of life is able to persist in the harsh Arctic habitat by highlighting important adaptations and connections which enable organisms to survive there. Your class will also investigate key issues that affect Arctic biodiversity with special emphasis on climate as a critical feature of the Arctic environment, for both the animals and the people who live there. 


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