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Exciting field trips for all ages

Our educational programs are our immersive experiences that foster love for our oceans through fun and interactive activities.


Have an incredible educational experience

Through our curriculum program field trips we engage over 20,000 students per year in inquiry-based learning, led by a group of professional educators and biologists. Workshops, guided tours, hands-on, students explore how scientific investigations can play a major role in preserving marine life, and how our actions have an impact on the world around us.

School Programs

Field trips to the Vancouver Aquarium

A unique way to engage your students in a hands-on learning experience with incredible marine life.

Grades K - 12

Wet Lab Programs

Join us behind-the-scenes at the Vancouver Aquarium in our Wet Labs for a unique hands-on experience.

Grades: 4-7

Arctic Biodiversity

Ideal for classes seeking an emphasis on Indigenous content and the influences of different cultures on the diversity and survival of all living things.

Grades: K-3

Staying Alive

Discover how animals and plants are adapted to survive in different environments. Learn how size, shape, colour and behaviour help them stay alive, and what we can do to maintain healthy habitats.

Grades: 4-10

Research in Action

Few places have the abundance and diversity of marine life that we have here in our own backyard. Learn about fish research in Howe Sound and how it is rooted in observations and initiative.

Grades: K-7

4D Theatre: Big Picture Conservation

Skip the line and enjoy your very own screening of the 4D theatre Film with a bonus conservation themed program by one of our aquarium educators. Ideal for Large Groups.

Grades: K-3

Sea Sensations

Sea Sensations is a classroom-based experience designed to inspire students by diving into the colourful world of marine mammals.

Grades: Pre-3

Aquatic Adventures - Frogs

This year, children will “hop” into our classroom to meet our amphibian friends. They will join us in a journey to find out more about the life cycles and habits of these amazing animals.

Grades: 4-12

Ecology Field School

In Stanley Park, we are in a unique position to learn more about these amazing animals and how we can keep our ecosystems healthy.

All Ages

Evening Wet Lab

Evening Wet Lab is an after hours Wet Lab program that will engage your group with local animals, ecosystems and environmental issues.

Grades: Pre-12

Virtual Aquaclass

The Virtual Aquaclass is an opportunity for students to connect live with the Vancouver Aquarium without having to leave the classroom.

All ages

Home Learner Workshops

Join our team of teaching experts at the Vancouver Aquarium for a year of brand new programming, custom-designed just for you.

Programmes scolaires

Excursions à l'Aquarium de Vancouver

Une façon unique d'engager vos élèves dans une expérience d'apprentissage pratique avec une vie marine incroyable.

Années: K-12


Joignez-vous à nous dans les coulisses de l’Aquarium de Vancouver dans notre Wetlab pour une expérience unique !

M à la 7ème année

Cinéma 4D La Conservation au Premier Plan

Evitez de faire la queue et profitez d’une projection privée de notre film actuel dans le cinéma en 4D ainsi que d’une présentation bonus sur le thème de la conservation par un de nos éducateurs de l’aquarium.

Années 4 - 10

Des Recherches à l’Action

Peu d’endroits dans les océans du monde ont l’abondance et la diversité de la vie marine que nous avons ici dans notre propre jardin.

M à la 3ème année

Les Mammifères Marins

Les Mammifères Marins est une expérience en salle de classe conçue pour inspirer les élèves en plongeant dans l'univers coloré des mammifères marins.

Pré à la 12ème année

L'AquaClasse Virtuelle

L’AquaClasse Virtuelle est une occasion pour les étudiants de se connecter en direct avec l’Aquarium de Vancouver, sans avoir à quitter leur salle de classe.



A deeper learning experience at the Vancouver Aquarium. AquaSchool combines the best practices in teaching and learning environments so that students become better observers, creative critical thinkers, and environmental ambassadors.

Summer group programs

Thanks for a great summer 2019!

Looking summer programs 2020? Please check back in spring 2020.


Some words from our students

Online Resources

Resources for teachers

Here you will find resources for planning your visit, activities for your students, as well as follow up activities for your class.

Other Educational Programs

Camps & Clubs

Programs embrace nature play, science, art and hands-on experiences to foster a love of our natural world.

Birthday Parties & Sleepovers

Participants interact with an experienced educator and engage in a multisensory exploration.

Mobile Programs

Our mobile aquariums bring ocean education to your school, youth group or community event.

Bursary Program

Ocean Wise Bursary Program

The Ocean Wise Bursary Program is funded by the generosity of donors. This program serves schools with a high concentration of youth vulnerable to the effects of poverty.

Free Bus Application Form

Ocean Wise Education Bus

New this year Ocean Wise Education may be able to come pick your class up! Thanks to the generosity of donors, Ocean Wise Education will be operating a free bus transporting classes to our programs onsite at the Vancouver aquarium. This project aims to decrease the transportation barriers and make ocean literacy programming more accessible to all schools.


Inspired by the prospect of saving our oceans through science?


Canadian and US Laundry Releases Trillions of Plastic Microfibers Into the Ocean

Ocean Lovers

Why Do We Fear Snakes?


Hōkūleʻa: A Global Voyage


Inspired by the prospect of saving our oceans through science?


Canadian and US Laundry Releases Trillions of Plastic Microfibers Into the Ocean

Ocean Lovers

Why Do We Fear Snakes?


Hōkūleʻa: A Global Voyage


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