Educator Professional Development

Educator Professional
Development Day

Regardless of age, you can always learn new, incredible things about life on Earth while at the Vancouver Aquarium, an Ocean Wise® initiative.

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Fri Oct 25, 2019


Vancouver Aquarium


9:30am - 2:30pm


$19 + GST


Teachers are lifelong learners too

Regardless of age, you can always learn new, incredible things about life on Earth while at the Vancouver Aquarium.


During our teacher professional development day, our team of trained program coordinators will share their ideas and thoughts about the education, research, and conservation programs that are happening both at the Vancouver Aquarium and around the world. We hope you engage with our staff and leave with the tools to promote immersive, active, and exploratory experiences that encourage students to think about marine science and conservation in a new way.


Registration includes

  • The opportunity to connect with education professionals
  • Discounted group rate for all day admission
  • Early entrance into the Vancouver Aquarium
  • A guaranteed teacher package and expedited entry for those who arrive before 10:45 a.m.
  • Admission to any of our workshops
  • Admission to our wet lab open house (first come, first served)

  • Private 4D movie screening


Please note

Terms and conditions

  • The group rate of $19 + GST is only available for educators who have registered for our event
  • We will take walk-up registrations until 10:45am on Friday October 25th
  • Additional adults and children entering the Aquarium only may use their membership or pay regular gate admission on the day
  • Due to fire regulations, we have a maximum number of participants that we can admit into workshops
  • We are a large working facility with limited reception space. If other adults and children are not entering the aquarium, alternative waiting areas must be found.
  • Aquarium memberships cannot be used in lieu of this workshop fee
  • Cancellation Policy: Please note that cancellations made within 48 hours of the program workshop will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee. No-shows will not be refunded nor rescheduled.


Conference Schedule




Early check-in for 9:30 workshop and 4D movie


Workshop & 4D movie: The Story of Food Security and the Ocean (capacity: 120)


Have you ever thought about how your food affects communities and environments around the world? Dip your toes into some of the current conversations around sustainable food systems and then take a 4D journey through time to see how science, human courage and the irrepressibility of nature resurrected a community and its greatest natural treasure.


Workshop:  Out of the Box Education: Meeting Content and Literacy Standards while Making Learning Engaging, Edgy, and Meaningful (capacity: 25)


Join us in trying out our latest escape rooms and scavenger hunts, interact with our animals in new ways, and take part in more thrilling adventures!  This interactive workshop will have you exploring trendy and compelling topics and strategies in Education and help you to create and develop similar experiences in your own classroom. 


WorkshopCetaceans of the Salish Sea: History, conservation, and Becoming Citizen Scientists (capacity: 32)  


 Description pending



Workshop: Blending Knowledge: Broadening Our Perspectives on Science Learning (capacity: 32)


Making well-informed, evidence-based decisions to protect our coastal ecosystems relies on us being able to understand, appreciate and use many types of knowledge simultaneously (e.g. Indigenous ways of knowing, scientific data collection, accidental/unexpected observations). Join us on our journey as we re-imagine what inclusive environmental education looks like.



Workshop: Myths, Mysteries and Tales of the Sea: How Ocean Stories Facilitate Ocean Learning (capacity: 32)


Storytellers have been explaining the phenomena of the ocean in many cultures and societies both in the past and in present day. These stories range from Greek mythology, to the legends of monsters of the deep sea, to heroic adventures of sea explorers - all of which connects us to the how and why of ocean science.   


WorkshopPromoting Ocean Literacy in the Classroom (capacity: 32)


The ocean plays such a large part in our society, yet it often goes unnoticed as we move through our daily lives. This workshop will explore what it means to be ocean literate and how we can talk about the ocean in our classrooms in order to create ocean literate students.


Open House: Wet Lab 1 (first come, first served)


Please bring your teacher ID for entry


Meet & Greet: AquaSchool teachers


Please feel free to direct any questions to [email protected].

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