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Frog Aquadopt - Limited Edition  


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Right now, frogs are facing extinction on a larger scale than the dinosaurs. They are an indicator species and their health (or lack of) and their presence (or absence) tells us a lot about the environment and how other species may be doing.

Amphibian Ark is a worldwide effort to conserve frogs and other amphibians through breeding programs at accredited aquariums and zoos. The Vancouver Aquarium is a part of this effort and currently breeds three critically threatened species: Oregon spotted frog, northern leopard frog and Panamanian golden frog.

By purchasing this unique gift today, you will be directly supporting the conservation of endangered frogs at the Vancouver Aquarium and in the wild. 

Aquadopt Kits cost $65 (plus shipping) and include:

  • 7” plush Northern Leopard Frog
  • Certificate of Adoption
  • Frog Fact Booklet
  • Frog Collector Card
  • $50 Charitable Tax Receipt (for the purchaser)

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