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Photography, Video
And Filming Policy



  • Staff, volunteers and guests are welcome to shoot still photos, video or film at the Vancouver Aquarium for personal use only.

  • Anyone capturing images or footage at the Aquarium may be asked to provide access to the image/footage for use by the Aquarium, the rightful holder of all images/footage.

  • Any reuse or reproduction for commercial purpose without written consent of the Vancouver Aquarium is strictly prohibited.

  • Staff, volunteers and guests do not have the right to distribute or sell images/footage taken at the Aquarium for commercial use, which includes third party sellers (e.g. Getty).

  • As the Aquarium is the rightful holder of any image/footage taken within the Aquarium’s premises, the Aquarium has the right to share the image/footage with its partners for use in marketing, promotions or communications.

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Did You Know?

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