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The Vancouver Aquarium is a non-profit organization: our earned revenues, such as those earned from our café, directly support our education, conservation and research initiatives.

In 2005 the Aquarium launched the Ocean Wise® sustainable seafood conservation program. As the Ocean Wise program continues to expand we are proud to share that celebrated chef and sustainable seafood ambassador Ned Bell joined the team as our executive chef in July 2016.

Look for Chef Ned Bell's creations at our cafés.


Our Cafés

Members receive 20% off café purchases. Some condition apply. Ask cashier for details.

We keep a list of our food items and their allergy potential, this list is available online, however please ask the cashier for an updated allergy list when ordering.

Courtyard Café

Our Courtyard Café is located just inside the Aquarium entrance, ajacent to the Ocean Courtyard. Visit this café for burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, pizza, salads, pastries, daily specials and more. Indoor seating available, or enjoy your meal outside in the Ocean Courtyard at one of our outside tables. 

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Courtyard Coffee Bar

Located next to the Courtyard Café, our Courtyard Coffee Bar is open year-round and is the perfect spot to grab a specialty coffee, sandwich, snack, breakfast, pastry, beer, wine or cider. 

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Otter Ice Cream Bar

Open seasonally during the summer, our Otter Ice Cream Bar is located right beside our popular sea otter habitat. Visit this bar for cool treats like soft serve ice cream, screamers, waffle bowl sundaes, blenders, beverages or mini doughnuts. 

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Ocean Wise Café

Our Ocean Wise Café is located just outside the Aquarium entrance in Stanley Park. It is open to all park visitors, no admission to the Aquarium required. Visit this café for lunch, ice cream, coffee and more. Stay cool under the umbrella shades, or enjoy the sunshine at one of the picnic tables. 

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Upstream Café

Open seasonally during the summer, our Upstream Café is located next to the Steller sea lion habitat. Visit this café for burgers, sandwiches, pizza, hot dogs, salads, beer, wine, pastries and more. 

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Steller Kiosk

Open seasonally during the summer, our Steller Kiosk features a hot dog cart experience. Right from the stand! Dress your hot dog as you personally like it. Includes your choice of condiments. Look for our feature hot dogs and smokies! Beverages also available.

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Through the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, we know that single-use plastic bottles are the some of the most commonly found items littering our shorelines. At Ocean Wise, we’re embarking on a single-use plastic reduction journey. We’ve gone 100% water bottle free and we’ve taken steps to reduce plastic disposables throughout our premises by replacing disposables with ocean-friendly alternatives. You can join us and help protect our waterways by bringing a reusable bottle on your next visit and filling up at one of our water stations. 


Break your plastic pattern and become an ocean champion. Sign the #BePlasticWise pledge and get a monthly challenge, inspiring stories and practical tips for reducing your single-use plastic items. 

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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

There are 33 species of oceanic dolphins. 
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