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Since 1956, the Vancouver Aquarium has been focused on conservation, research and education. By supporting one our programs listed below, you will be helping ensure that they continue on with their important work.

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Marine MAmmal Rescue Centre

Marine Mammal Rescue Centre

Each year we rescue and treat over 100 stranded marine animals in need of care. Most of our patients are baby seal pups, and they need your help!
Support Marine Mammal Rescue

Ocean Wise

Ocean Wise

Ocean Wise is a Vancouver Aquarium conservation program created to educate and empower consumers about the issues surrounding sustainable seafood.
Support Ocean Wise

Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

Your donation to the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup will help to promote understanding and education about shoreline litter issues.
Support The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

Howe Sound Research

Howe Sound Research And Conservation Group

Help our researchers conduct studies and monitoring of depleted groundfish stocks, enabling us to enhance and protect marine life.
Support The Howe Sound Research and Conservation Group

Adopt a Whale

Vancouver Aquarium Wild Killer Whale Adoption Program

By becoming a member of this program, you'll directly support research on wild killer whales. Research will lead to a better understanding of the whales and the conservation measures necessary to protect them.
Support the Vancouver Aquarium Killer Whale Adoption Program

Oregon spotted frogs

Oregon Spotted Frog Conservation

The Oregon spotted frog is the most endangered amphibian in Canada. Habitat destruction and the introduction of non-native species have caused the Oregon spotted frog population to decline rapidly in recent years.
Support the Oregon Spotted Frog Conservation Program


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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

A jelly is made up of up to 96 per cent water.
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