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As a self-supporting, non-profit association, we are dependent on the revenue generated from our facility and the generosity of our individual and corporate donors to continue operating our many conservation, research and education programs. These programs range from an international breeding program to save the endangered Oregon spotted frog, to conducting groundbreaking research on killer whales in the wild, to our educational AquaCamps.

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Have a question about donating? Contact us directly:

Phone: 604-659-3781
Email: donation@ocean.org

California Sea Lion Rescue California sea lion rescued, rehabilitated and released by the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Centre.

Effecting Real Change

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Donate online now, it's easy. 

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You can choose to direct your support to a specific program or research project, or you can make your gift go to the area of greatest need. Whatever you choose, your donation will be tax-deductible and your contribution will have a profound impact on our work.

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Virtual Gift Store

Virtual gifts are simple and sustainable.

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Choose from a wide selection of real items that our teams use to conduct research, deliver education or provide care for our animals. Your generous donation will be equivalent to each item's value and you will have the opportunity to send a personalized e-card to your friend or family member to share the impact of your gift.

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Types of Donations

Looking for something more? There are many ways to donate to the Aquarium.  Choose to make a one-time donation, become a monthly donor or provide an ongoing sponsorship of a program.  You can also celebrate a special occasion, commemorate a loved one or create a legacy you leave behind.

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Why Donate?

Your gift to the Aquarium makes it possible for us to continue our many conservation, research and education initiatives.  Find out how your support has a direct impact on our planet.

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Ongoing contributions made by our valued partners and donors are essential to our success and our efforts to conserve aquatic life. To the countless supporters who contribute to our conservation, research and education efforts, our team expresses immense gratitude. Thank You.

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Corporate Sponsorship

Display your support for the Vancouver Aquarium by sponsoring an exhibit, program or corporate event. You’ll receive onsite brand recognition, stewardship opportunities and a meaningful way to motivate your employees.

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Community Support

We also give back. Request a donation.


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Your donation supports ocean conservation.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Anacondas are born with the ability to swim.
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