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Use Our Event Planning Services

From your initial inquiry through the seamless execution of your event, our top priority is to amaze, engage and inspire you and your guests. Let us turn your vision into reality. Our professional event planners will walk you through a choice of venues, including finding the Aquarium gallery that best suits your guest list. We will provide you with a varied menu filled with intriguing items for you to choose from. We will also provide you with a list of special shows to pick from to wow your guests—everything from a dolphin show to a movie in the 4-D theatre. Our planning professionals strive to meet each individual needs and budget. 

Event Planning Services

See A Dolphin Show

Creating A Memorable Event

Our Catering and Events Team has the skill and experience to ensure that your event runs smoothly. They’ll help you consider which contemporary West Coast menu is the best fit for your event, or if a private beluga show or 4-D Experience would be the unique finishing touch to create an incredible experience.

Managing Your Event Needs

Our skilled and experience event planners will guide you through your venue selection, menu selection, special show selection, and much more. Our top priority is to amaze, engage and inspire you and your guests. Let us turn your vision into reality.

Managing Your Event Needs
Sustainably Sourced Food

Environmentally Friendly Planning

The Vancouver Aquarium is committed to sustainable practices. This applies to all of our events, where we use environmentally friendly lighting, products and sustainably sourced food where possible. We are proud to be the greenest aquarium in Canada. Our building, Aquaquest – the Marilyn Blusson Learning Centre, is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold and ISO 14001 certified.

Our Services

Choose Your Venue

Venue Choice

Our many venues will provide completely different settings for your event. Let us help you choose which one is right for you based on your personal event needs.

Event Design

Event Design

Our event planners can help you design a beautiful and memorable event that you and your guests will always remember, which you can choose to enhance with a private show.

Event Management

Event Management

Once your event begins, our event staff will step in to ensure that all of your guests’ needs are being met so that you’re able to enjoy it.


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The Big Reveal

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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Up to 40 per cent of a beluga’s body is blubber.
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