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Event Menus: Standing Reception


A Wide Variety Of
Menu Items

Whether it’s a cocktail party or conference welcome, create a memorable start to your event with our wide range of beautiful, hand crafted hot and cold canapés or internationally flavored food stations during your standing reception. 

Download our Standing Reception Menu

*All proteins are hormone free*

All prices are per person and are subject to applicable taxes and gratuities. Price may be changed without notice.

Maximum duration is 2 hours. Please ask your Event Planner for our seasonal or additional vegetarian options.

Seafood pricing is based on availability. Menus are seasonal and subject to change. Please confirm exact menu items with your Event Planner. Standing receptions are priced for a minimum of 50 guests or a surcharge of $7.00 per person may apply. 

Contact Us

Phone: 604-659-3456

Email: cateringandevents@ocean.org

Service Type


Pre-dinner Service

  • 3 canapés per person

Maximum 1 hour of service

Welcome Service

  • 8 canapés per person

Maximum 2 hour of service

Cocktail Reception Service

  • 6 canapés per person
  • 2 food stations

Maximum 2 hours of staggered service


All canapé prices are per dozen. Minimum order of five dozen.

(V) – Vegan  (G) – Gluten Free


Cold Canapés

  • Red Beet Relish on a Ricotta Toast  - per dozen - $26.00

  • Red Pepper Romesco, Marcona Almonds served on Endive leaf (V)(GF) – per dozen $26.00                     

  • Avocado & Heirloom Tomato ‘Nacho’ Jalapeno Vinaigrette served on a Wonton Chip (V) – per dozen $30.00
  • Ocean Wise  Albacore Tuna Tataki, Avocado, Orange Dressing (GF) – per dozen $32.00
  • Ocean Wise Wild Salmon Tataki & Radishes with a Tahini & Miso Dressing (GF) – per dozen $32.00

  • Beef Carpaccio Spoon, Truffle Dressing on Herb Crouton – per dozen $38.00
  • Chef Ned’s Famous Ocean Wise Dungeness Crab Tacos – per dozen $120.00

Hot Canapés

  • Wild Mushroom Egg Tart with Truffle Dressing  – per dozen $26.00
  • Grilled Cheese, Aged Farmhouse Cheddar, Pear Butter – per dozen $26.00
  • Ocean Wise Organic Shrimp, Oven Roasted Heirloom Tomato Puree on a Skewer (GF) – per dozen $32.00
  • Grilled Chicken Skewer, Toasted Chasew, Honey & Lime (GF) – per dozen $36.00

  • Mini Burgers, Aged Chededar, Chili Mayo & Pickles (GF) – per dozen $36.00
  • Steak Bites with Birch Syrup (GF)  – per dozen $38.00
  • Ocean Wise Lobster grilled Cheese, Aged Farmhouse Cheddar, Pear Butter –  per dozen $120.00

Food Stations

All food stations prices are per person. Minimum order for 50 guests per food station. Multiple food stations may be ordered.  Seafood pricing is based on availability.


Carving Station (chef at station)

Deluxe choices

Roasted Turkey -  BC Cranberry Sauce (GF) & House Made Gravy (gravy not GF)  per person $20.00

Roasted Beef Strip Loin - (served medium) with red wine jus (GF) (jus not gluten free) per person $22.00

Rack of Lamb - served green olive tapenade, sundried tomato mayo per person $30.00                       

All carving stations are served with selection of mustards, with horseradish, and assorted rolls.

Platter Stations

Raw Vegetable ‘Crudité’ Green Goddess Dressing (GF) (Vegan)  per person $7.00  

Trio of Dips (Baked Flatbread with Green Chick Pea Hummus,
Roasted Pepper Romesco, Green Goddess Dressing) (Vegan)  
per person $9.00  

Vegetarian Antipasto (Greilled & Marinated  Zucchini, Eggplant, Bell Peppers,
Olive Tapenade, Basil, Sundried Tomatoes, Pine Nuts & Parmesan Pesto)  
per person $10.00  

Canadian Cheese board  per person $12.00  

Warm Potato Chip Station
Sea Salt, Cracked Pepper and Aioli  per person $6.00

Spud station
Warm Potato Chips, Sea Salt, Cracked Pepper and Aioli, Crispy Tator Tots,
Homemade Ketchups, Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes, Crispy Bacon,
Green Onions, Sour Cream, Cheddar Cheese  
per person $12.00

Surf & Turf Charcuterie
(Meats, Smoked Wild Salmon, flatbreads,
Apple Butter, Grainy Mustard & Maple Mayo, dried fruits & nuts)  
per person $18.00

Small Bowl Stations

Vegetable, Chick Pea & Coconut Curry  
Jasmine Rice and Cashews per person $10.00

Warm Orzo & Lentils
Green Chick Peas, Hazelnuts, and Smoked Tofu, per person $10.00

Vegetarian Gnocchi
Heirlooms Tomatoes, Parmesan, per person $10.00

Chilled Asian Soba Noodle Salad
Miso Maple Dressing, Snap Peas, Bell Peppers, Crispy Wonton, Seasame & Almond  per person $10.00

Coffee & Tea

$3.50 per person

  • Freshly brewed organic & fair trade coffee and selection of teas

Action Stations

Ocean Wise Oyster Station (GF) (minimum order of 200 oysters)                                        
Oyster shucker, oyster bar, accompanied with signature mignonettes         per shucker $150.00
Deluxe Oysters freshly shucked oyster                                                         per oyster $4.50
Premium Oysters - freshly shucked oyster s                                                 per oyster $5.50 

Chef Ned’s Famous Ocean Wise Dungeness Crab Taco   per taco $12.00

Seafood & Shellfish Ocean Wise Tackle Box (minimum order 50 guests)

per person $37.50

Ceviches, Crudo, Chilled & Marinated Clams & Mussels (GF)

Wild Salmon & Albacore Tuna Tataki (GF)

Avocado, Cucumber and Albacore Tuna Sushi Rolls

Dessert Station

Assorted cakes and fruit platter (fruit platter - (V) (GF))   per person $8.00

Enhance your dessert station by selecting one of our seasonal desserts

Flourless Chocolate Cake, Vanilla Whipped Cream (GF) per person $7.00   

Cheese Cake, Sea Salt Caramel  per person $7.00   

Pumpkin Pie per person $7.00   


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