Mottled Stars in Howe Sound

The mottled seastar, Evasterias troschelii (featured above), is one type of sea star that shows great variations in appearance – both in size and in colour. Although at times in shallower waters the smaller-sized ones will be in large groups, divers may see extremely large individuals in deeper water, up to two feet across.

SONY DSCThe colour of these stars is frequently a powder blue, but can also be green, gray or orange. They are typically seen located nearby the ochre star, but can be distinguished by the differences in their designer colours and by skinnier arms and a smaller, central oral disc.



With the support of Sitka Foundation, the Vancouver Aquarium is embarking on a two-year project to train divers to identify marine life in Howe Sound, as part of our commitment to the research and conservation of this area. The information they glean on Howe Sound’s sea life will be presented in this series of blogs, and will be used to educate students taking part in the Aquarium’s school programs and AquaVan visits to inspire the next generation to keep learning more about marine biodiversity in British Columbia.