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Beluga & Porpoise Cam

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Learn About Belugas & Porpoises

Belugas live in the Arctic and sub-Arctic waters of the world. Harbour porpoises share some of their range. They are sometimes seen in Canada’s Arctic at the southern end of Baffin Island.

Buy Your Tickets To See The Belugas & Porpoises

Take in a show or visit them face-to-face in our underwater Arctic viewing area. See how beluga adaptations allow them to live in an Arctic environment, and learn about the harbour porpoises’ rescue stories.

How Researchers Help Marine Life

Since 1956, the Vancouver Aquarium has been advancing scientific research to help conserve our natural world.

A New Space for Jack and Daisy

New year, new habitat! Rescued harbour porpoises Jack & Daisy have a new space to explore.