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Get a sneak peek at some of our most charming animals through our live web cams. Watch the belugas swim with ease in the icy waters similar to the frigid waters of the Arctic, or watch our energetic and highly curious sea otters solve the mysteries of toys. These animals are highly adapted to their own unique environments. Observe their unique behaviours in real time through our live cams, or come and visit them in person at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Live Cams

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Beluga & Porpoise Cam icon

Beluga & Porpoise Cam

Watch the graceful beluga whales and playful porpoises at the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre. 

Spotted Jelly Cam icon

Spotted Jelly Cam

Watch spotted jellies in their habitat at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Jelly Cam icon

Jelly Cam

Watch jellies in their habitat at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Penguin Cam icon

Penguin Cam

Watch African penguins in their new habitat at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Sea Otter Cam icon

Sea Otter Cam

Watch playful sea otters as they play with toys, groom their thick fur and eat surf clams and crabs on their bellies.


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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Anacondas are born with the ability to swim.
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