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Explore our video library to learn more about the strange and beautiful creatures that live in our oceans. You can also watch our live web cams to see what the animals are up to here at the Aquarium. If you’re looking for an online educational adventure, take a look at our educational games and activities: choose to be an online detective collecting clues to solve a marine life mystery, or learn about Salmon Tales, a fish at the center of countless myths and legends.

Interactive Learning

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Live Cams

Watch our beluga and sea otter cams to take a live look at our animals inside their habitats. Listen for a beluga’s chirp or see the sea otters form a raft by holding paws.

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Live Stream Video Archive

Our public engagement team works to develop events that educate, engage and motivate participants to conserve aquatic life. We host evening lectures with interesting guest speakers, some of which we live-stream on our YouTube channel. View a video archive of our past live-streamed events.

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Dive into our vast library of videos and learn more about the incredible marine life all around us. Learn about the unique behaviours animals have developed to survive in extreme habitats.

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Marine Biodiversity

Vancouver Aquarium, with the support of Sitka Foundation, is conducting a two-year Howe Sound biological monitoring program called Counting on Howe Sound as part of its commitment to researching and enhancing the health of the Howe Sound ecosystem.


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Sea Otters

Spotlight On Sea Otters

Celebrate these boisterous and playful marine mammals this fall
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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Up to 40 per cent of a beluga’s body is blubber.
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