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Home Learner Workshops

Special 2018-2019 rate: Students receive 35% off!

Join our team of teaching experts at the Vancouver Aquarium for a year of brand new programming, custom-designed just for you! Learn about marine wildlife in a whole new way while experiencing fun hands-on activities, sharing stories with the experts, and getting an insider's look at what happens behind-the-scenes.

To be eligible, you must be taking part in a distributed learning program or be a homeschool family.

If you have any questions or comments about Home Learner programming, please see our Home Learner FAQ website.

Otherwise, please contact Stephanie Chong at stephanie.chong@ocean.org or 604-659-3512.

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Home School Days

Welcome to the 2018-2019 Season

Available to participants born in: 

2010-2013 (Primary)               12:30-2pm

2004-2010 (Intermediate)        2:30-4pm

Series 1: Unusual Phenomenon

Option A: Thursdays - Oct 11 AND Nov 8 AND Dec 6


Option B: Thursdays -  Oct 18 AND Nov 15 AND Dec 13

Dinosaurs   Amongst Us Learn how scientists use clues to re-construct what animals and habitats could have looked like millions of years ago. Go on a hunt to find dinosaur relatives, meet a living dinosaur, and brainstorm how learning about the past helps us in the future.  
The Glowing Ocean Turn off the lights and suddenly the ocean is a whole new world! Explore the "glowing" animals at the Vancouver Aquarium, discover the benefits and disadvantages of "glowing," and create an invention with your new knowledge.
Sea Monsters Below the ocean's surface lies a mysterious world that humans still have yet to fully discover. Explore some myths about ocean animals, marvel in the diversity of aquatic creatures, and then do your own squid dissection.

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Series 2: Research Stories

Option A: Thursdays - Jan 24 AND Feb 28 AND Apr 4


Option B: Thursdays -  Jan 31 AND Mar 7 AND Apr 11

The Good, the Dirty, and the Downright Smelly Get the inside scoop on the good, the dirty, and the downright smelly parts of being a sea lion scientist. Find your own clues to figure out what an animal has eaten!  
Raising a New Generation Learn about the complexity of breeding animals. Hear from the experts about their challenges and successes. See a nursery in action in our renowned wet lab.
The Conundrum of the Missing Sea Stars Imagine that you go diving and all the sea stars have disappeared. How do you figure out what happened? Conduct your own investigation, propose your own theory on why sea stars disappeared, and brainstorm some ways to help.

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Series 3: Community Connections

Option A: Thursdays - May 9 AND Jun 6


Option B: Thursdays -  May 16 AND Jun 13

Garbage, Fibers, and Microplastics .... OH MY! Is plastic harmful or helpful? Explore the challenges around plastic consumption, tour the new Vortex gallery, follow one person's quest to learn more, and make your own creation to combat microplastics
Tidal Tales

In this outdoor workshop, share stories about BC's unique ecosystems and how our lives are so interconnected with the world around us. Then explore the coastline, search for hidden creatures, and learn how we can be conservation heroes!

NOTE: Please dress appropriately to be outside and at the beach (e.g. hat, sunscreen, water, jacket, appropriate footwear). We recommend water-resistant shoes or rubber boots; participants wearing open-toed shoes may not be able to participate in all activities.

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Program Costs

Special 2018-2019 rate: Students receive 35% off!

Series 1 and 2:


per series per student (Regular price $60)*


per series per adult*

Series 3:


per series per student (Regular price $50)*


per series per adult*

*Includes admission into the Vancouver Aquarium for each paid participant on the day of their program

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Program details: 

  • Space is limited to 25 participants per program
  • Accompanying adults and younger siblings who are not registered in the program will not be able to participate
  • Additional adults and children not participating in the program will pay the usual admission rate or are welcome find an alternative off-site waiting space
  • Attendance list and booking is finalized 48 hours before the start of the program.
  • Cancellation policy: Cancellations made within 48 hours of the first day of the series will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee. Any further missed dates in the series will not be refunded nor rescheduled.
  • The Aquarium reserves the right to cancel the program (with a full refund) due to low registration.
  • Aquarium Memberships cannot be used in lieu of fees for participants in school programs.

Activities and Lesson Plans

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