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AquaZone For
Schools Or Camps


Pricing: Full Day



Four 60 minute sessions; maximum 30 students per session 

* Plus applicable taxes

Pricing: Half Day



Maximum two 60 minute sessions, up to 30 students per session 

* Plus applicable taxes

Contact Us

Please contact us to discuss regular programming options:

Phone: 604-659-3488
Email: aquavan@ocean.org

Full Day Or Half Day!

We offer both full-day and half-day programming for your students or campers. These programs are structured and involve students rotating through stations with a Vancouver Aquarium Educator. Each station includes a combination of artifacts and live animals or artifacts alone.

Rose star
black rockfish

Special Programs Available

Counting on Howe Sound

Thanks to support from our partners at the Sitka Foundation, we are able to offer this program to students in Grades 3 – 7. The Counting on Howe Sound program delivers hands-on and experiential learning for students. The focus of this program is on the biodiversity of the local waters of Howe Sound and aims to connect students to this local treasure. Students will learn about taxonomy and engage in observation and classification activities. Additionally, students will learn about their role in conservation practices and be inspired to take direct action in conserving not only Howe Sound, but our marine environments in general.


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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

A jelly is made up of up to 96 per cent water.
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